miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007

Que es el DMT? (material muy didactico!!!)

Mi amigo Lio dice que este material debería enseñarse en los colegios
(o en los cursos de inglés-agrego yo)

versión alternativa en clave psicodelica acá


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TOM ACARONTE press. dijo...

mas material didactico:

literatura epistolar de gente sabia que esta del tomate


Anónimo dijo...

llame ya!


Anónimo dijo...

"i have done many types of psycdelics, too many to list, but i must admit dmt has got to be one of the most powerful. I read many of the articles on this and other sites and i have found nothing that was even close to what i saw. My friend, after many attempts, finally suceeded in crystalizing dmt. I smoked with him on his back portch and after the first and only hit i took i was quickly transported to another place. No aliens, elves or giant insects, the best description would be like a night club in the netherworld. In this place my friend who also smoked it was there with me and he told me that this was what he was triing to show me. With the end of every statement, a woman came by and touched the center of my forhead and my mouth filled up with blood. I could hear funky music in the backgound, music with a bodygroove to it. The woman who kept touching me told me i belonged there, this place was my domain. It was the most erotic and carnal expierence of my life. The blood in my mouth was as real as this email, i am not sure, but i think it was their way to make sure i would remember. I still am not sure what to make of it but my friend said my expierence was unique, unlike anything he had heard or read. What do you think? "


fede dijo...

tengo ganas de tomar sicodelicos locooo